Have you ever thought of how many times you should do deep cleanings at your business place?

With the current situation the world is currently facing, now is the best time to take advantage of the deep cleaning services. It is to ensure that the building and every area of your office are safe, sanitized, and refreshed. It also keeps your employees and customers feel more secure seeing the place all deep cleaned.

Moreover, as a business owner, you most likely know the other benefits it gives when maintaining cleanliness in the business place.


Regular cleaning only offers cleaning that is at the surface level. It’s only a light touch cleaning that keeps the place in order and looks good. Even so, given the hype of Covid-19, having an organized and clean business place is not enough. Yes, regular cleaning might help manage the bacteria for it not to get out of hand, but that doesn’t mean that specific areas that are not accessible or those areas that are harder to clean are covered. Moreover, whether it’s pandemic or not, it is a high priority to disinfect the whole place for the health and wellness of everyone – which is possible if you have it deep cleaned.

On the contrary, deep cleaning is a detailed, comprehensive, and time-consuming cleaning task – some of them are not included in regular cleaning services. Deep cleaning maintains the appearance and sanitation longer compared to a regular cleaning service. So, if you have been doing only the regular cleaning, now is the time for you to choose the best commercial cleaning services in Peterborough.

Thomas Cleaning is the leading commercial cleaners in Peterborough is considered highly experienced when it comes to deep cleaning. They are more professional to see the areas where the daily traffic of bacteria resides or where they quickly build up. They will make sure to keep your business area safe and refreshed by disinfecting surfaces, refinishing wood, tiles, ceramic, or concrete floors, and removing the stains from carpets. Their deep cleaning services also includes cleaning the most neglected part – the business pieces of equipment such as the keyboards, monitors, copy machines, phones, etc.


With all that being said, you need to instantly determine how many times your business should get deep cleaning services. Well, that depends on the traffic your business area has.  You need to consider at least once or twice a year to deep clean if the office has only low traffic space (small offices).

On the other hand, deep cleaning is necessary every other month or so for moderately high-traffic spaces.

Lastly, once a month for carpeted offices with high-traffic spaces.

Either way, no matter what the size of your office is, you can still choose to have it deep cleaned as many times as you want – most especially that the body counts are increasing as COVID-19 ravages the world. But your business place and your people don’t have to be part of it. Be proactive now and call commercial cleaning services Peterborough at 07599662889 or email us at hristo@thomascleaning.co.uk to get a quote.

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