Cleaning is a critical task in most situations. Cleaning services, like any other task, come in a variety of types. Domestic and commercial cleaning are the two primary types of cleaning.

What are their distinctions? Look at these:

Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaning or residential cleaning services refers to cleaning for domestic houses and buildings. The domestic cleaning service would most likely be organized by the person wanting to clean their home/property and would be provided by a local cleaning service, individual, or professional cleaning company. Thomas Cleaning is a domestic cleaning service in Peterborough, they offer a less formal agreement that can be weekly, monthly, etc., and the individual booking the service is responsible for ensuring that their cleaner has police checks.

Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning for corporate workplaces (e.g., offices, universities, etc.) are classified as commercial cleaning service and is necessary on a more regular basis. Thomas Cleaning company provides commercial cleaning services to Peterborough businesses.

Commercial cleaning equipment is frequently larger and more powerful than domestic cleaning equipment, owing to the size of the locations and the amount of use that they are cleaning.

We’ll go above and beyond to bring joy to your home. If you’re still confused about the sort of cleaning you need, or if you’d like to learn more about what our domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning teams can do for you, contact us now at 07599662889 or Our staff will gladly advise you based on the size of your property and provide you with a free quotation.

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